The Laserfiche Cloud 2021.1 update, released on January 8, 2021, includes the following new features.

Process Automation

Process Automation

With Smart Invoice Capture you can now retrieve vendor information from any invoice format. To use vendor identification, you’ll need to first create a vendor lookup table. This table can be easily created by exporting an Excel or CSV file from your financial software, and importing it to Data Management in Process Automation. Then, using Workflow’s Run Capture Profile activity, select the Enable vendor identification option to have workflow dynamically retrieve vendor data. In addition to retrieving standard invoice data, you can use this feature to retrieve custom values from the lookup table. This lets you automate GL coding and capture payment terms based on vendor.

Workflow and Rules

With the new Document Merge rule type, you can assign parameter names to fields in a fillable PDF form. Once a PDF has been configured with parameters, it can be accessed and filled by other processes. To automatically fill the PDF form, access the Document Merge rule in the Workflow Run Rule activity to populate the form data from tokens.

Business Processes

New features include:

  • A new Business Process Service Task that allows a business process to be started from a business process, similar to the Workflow Service Task.
  • Variable Management has moved to the main process designer left navigation, and is no longer only accessible from within the forms designer. Variables can now be modified and delete, and are automatically updated or removed from the entire process when changed.
  • Business process can now be started from a workflow.
  • The Process Promotion tool helps you migrate Laserfiche Forms processes from one environment onto another. The tool prompts you to update any information from the original environment to the other. This allows existing processes to be updated in a development environment and then migrated to the production environment more smoothly.
  • If there is an error during submission of a user form, the form data is retained to allow the user to remedy the error, and repopulate the form before attempting to submit.
  • The Save to Repository Service Task has been enhanced to use folder IDs within the repository.
  • Additional features have been added to the modern form designer, bringing more functionality similar to the classic designer.


Repository Search Bar Improvements

The repository search bar has been updated to make it easier to run and manage your saved searches, re-run recent searches, and apply custom search filters.

Laserfiche API Preview

The Laserfiche API Preview has been updated to support copying and deleting entries, working with additional document metadata, and searching your Laserfiche Cloud Repository.

Translated Help Files

Laserfiche Help Files have been translated in various high demand languages such as French and Spanish. Now, readers can use the Change language globe icon and select a language to translate the Help Files in real-time.

Additional information

Release Notes for Laserfiche Cloud 2021.1