Legal & Compliance.

Simplify Legal and Compliance with Powerful Document Management

Address industry and corporate regulations and stay prepared for audits using powerful tools to manage document, contract, and record lifecycles.

A meticulous process expertly managed.

From scanning hard copies into an electronic format, or scanning and hosting all your electronic documents in a secure environment, Ascentas can help.

Document Capture

Define the project scope, receive a detailed implementation schedule, and delivery plan so you have a clear understanding of your project from start to finish.

A Trusted Partner

Ascentas have been actively managing millions of images for their digital storage clients for over 30 years and were the UK’s first fully cloud based document management and scanning company.

Facilitate Work from Anywhere.

Simultaneously edit content with other team members, leave comments, add annotations and more, all while being able to track changes and versions.

Document Management

Automatically extract data from electronic, PDF and scanned forms, eliminating the need for manual indexing, sorting and filing.


Eliminate paper with client e-forms submissions and processing with modern web forms that simplify creation and data collection.

Make information easy to find and use.

Find information fast and simple; edit and comment on documents or process them in workflows.


Reduce non-⁠billable time wasted by staff searching for the right folder, file, and version number. Instantly locate any client’s complete, most up-to-date paperwork using multiple search options

Centralise and Organise Content

Maintain a source of truth by organising and managing content in one intuitive platform, where employees can easily find files, keep track of versions, collaborate and share content links.

No-Code Process Automation

Take on everyday business challenges with a drag-and-drop, low-code/no-code process automation platform that allows you to deploy solutions quickly, without the need for additional IT resources.

Accelerate Digital Transformation

Teams are always looking to boost productivity. Low-code/no-code process automation lets teams adapt to changing needs and realise digital transformation faster.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Train software bots to automate and speed up time-consuming, repetitive tasks. Extract metadata and searchable text from scanned documents and invoices with Smart Content Capture.

Focus on running your business, not your technology.

Reduce your costs, increase productivity and mitigate your business risks.

Proactive IT Support

We partner with you as your Virtual IT Department, allowing you to focus on running your business not your technology.

Migrate to the Cloud

As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider and Microsoft Partner, Ascentas can help you prepare for migration to M365 or an Azure environment and then manage the migration of data into the Microsoft Cloud.

Compliance and Risk Management

A solution that provides records management tools to support your regulatory compliance and maintains a set of industry standard compliance certifications and attestations such as SOC 2 Type 2 Plus, HIPAA, VPATs, DoD 5015.2, ISO27001 and VERS v2.

Client Security & Audit

Assign security restrictions so that employees can only access the files they require to do their jobs. Protect sensitive documents and track when users open, edit, delete or even attempt to open them.

Streamline Content Lifecycles

From records creation to final disposition, promote compliance across all stages of your content with extensive records management tools to auto-set retention schedules, generate reports and manage dispositions.

Confidential Destruction

Do not neglect the security aspect of looking after confidential data.

Scheduled or Ad-hoc

Choose from locked containers, paper sacks or having your boxes picked up directly from your office on a schedule or as-needed basis from uniformed screened and fully insured Ascentas personnel.


After destruction and where possible, waste material is baled and sent for recycling. Recycling our clients securely destroyed documents is our way of giving back to the world which we occupy.

Get Documents Approved Quickly

Streamline the creation of legally binding documents with digital forms and document templates. Negotiate terms faster with automation tools that make it easy to keep track of changes to documents and send them to approvers for sign-off.

Enhance Information Governance

Stay in good standing with regulators using records management features that enable your organisation to keep track of content throughout its lifecycle. Set up digitised workflows to remind staff when to retain, archive and dispose of information.

Support the eDiscovery Process

Prepare for any future or potential legal actions, such as SARs, by establishing a centralised and auditable repository for your content. Utilise full-text search capabilities to locate the required information quickly and easily, and safeguard it with a robust set of security controls.

See what you can do with Laserfiche

Legal Review

Get contracts and other legally binding documents approved using prebuilt workflows from the Laserfiche Solution Marketplace.

Contract Negotiation

Easily note and track changes to contracts as terms are agreed upon between parties using version control features.

Wet or Digital Signatures

Gather digital signatures or import signed paper documents into a repository and lock the content down with granular security controls.

Records Retention Schedules

Bolster efforts to comply with industry regulations by automatically notifying staff when records need to be archived or disposed of.

Legal Holds

Protect critical documents during legal holds with security controls and keep track of document statuses with records management tools.

Laserfiche Cloud

Laserfiche Records Management Explained

One Powerful Platform, Powering Your Productivity

A records management strategy is vital to the life cycle of your organisation’s information. At an organisational level, a records management strategy governs how information is created, stored, shared, tracked and protected.

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