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Get work done faster with Business Process Automation

Eliminate manual processes with powerful workflows, e-forms and analytics. So, you can focus on the work that matters.

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Build a solid foundation for Digital Transformation

Whether your organisation is in the infancy stages of its journey or has reached a point of digital maturity, keep in mind that digital transformation is never a one-and-done deal.

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Everything your organisation needs in one Simple IT Support Package

Friendly, proactive and helpful IT services you can trust. Providing cost-effective, long-lasting solutions for all aspects of your IT.

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Digital Transformation

Smarter solutions for every industry

Ascentas’ Document Scanning, Digital Transformation, Content Management and Business Process Automation Solutions deliver rapid ROI for your organisation.

Based in the West Midlands, we are perfectly located to provide our services to businesses across the region and further afield. So whether you’re based in Scotland, Wales, or any other part of the country, we’re here to help you on your Digital Transformation Journey. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can support your business.

By Industry
Robust Solutions by Industry

Make it easier for administrators, teachers, students and parents to share and access information.


Streamline administrative tasks so you can focus on patient care and support.


Improve visibility and reduce costly delays by automating administrative tasks and manual processes.

Financial Services

Improve customer service, support, compliance and focus on growth.


Future-proof your organisation with digital processes that increase productivity.

Fostering & Adoption

Automate fostering & adoption case management, ensuring compliance and secure information sharing.

By Department
Robust Solutions by Department
Accounting & Finance

Streamline invoice processing and gain better visibility into your AP processes.

Customer Service

Let your CSRs focus on delivering outstanding customer service versus administrative tasks.

Legal & Compliance

Access records instantly and automate business processes while guarding against non-compliance.

Human Resources

Automate personnel tasks and track decisions throughout the employee lifecycle.

Supply Chain

Reinforce your digital ecosystem to streamline production and drive profitability.

Information Technology

Modernise your IT infrastructure with a flexible, scalable ECM platform.


Close deals faster with powerful sales process automation and a centralised client document repository.

By Business Need
Robust Solutions by Business Need
Business Continuity

Minimalise disruption and adapt to the changing needs of your workforce.

Contract Management

Speed up approvals by managing and approving contracts from anywhere.

Subject Access Requests

Support SARs with centralised storage, automation, monitoring and compliance.

Case Management

Equip case workers with access to crucial information - quickly and securely.

Employee Onboarding

Streamline the onboarding process by providing instant access to employee files.

Long Term Records Management

Enable secure, compliant, and cost-effective long-term records management.


Empower and enable your workforce to easily share information, track records and prevent information-loss disasters by having your business documents scanned.

Digital Transformation

Reducing overheads, automating manual processes, saving time, protecting business information and assisting companies along their Digital Transformation Journey is what we do and what we are so proud of.

IT SUpport

From email encryption, spam protection and data backup to disaster recovery and IT assessment & planning, our Managed IT Solutions is home to a range of cloud services to help support your organisation.

CONfidesntial Destruction

Having an end-to-end data and e-waste destruction solution that addresses the full lifecycle of data and information is a critical component of any records management strategy.