Document Scanning.

Digitising paper documents into secure & accessible electronic records.

Do you want to scan all your hard copy documents into an electronic format? Do you need to grant access to your digital documents to multiple users?

Ascentas have been actively managing millions of images for their digital storage clients for over 30 years. From scanning hard copies into an electronic format, or scanning and hosting all your electronic documents in a secure environment, Ascentas can help.

Ascentas is a trusted partner to many blue chip businesses, the public and private sector and NHS clients. We are the UK’s first fully cloud based document management and scanning company leveraging the power and capabilities of the Microsoft Azure Network and provide a 300% quality check of all scanned images by our index and QC staff.

Free up Space

Convert physical documents that take up valuable space to digital searchable assets

Protect Information

Role-based permissions enable authorised users to access only the information that they need.

Centralise Access

Centralise your information and allow valued users access to this information wherever they are.

Document Scanning
Document Scanning

Do you want to scan all your hard copy documents into an electronic format? Do you need to grant access to your digital documents to multiple users? Ascentas actively manage over 10 million images for their digital storage clients. From scanning hard copies into an electronic format, or scanning and hosting all your electronic documents in a secure environment, Ascentas can help.

A trusted partner

We are the UK’s first fully cloud based document management and scanning company leveraging the power and capabilities of the Microsoft Azure Network and provide a 300% quality check of all scanned images by our index and QC staff.

Bulk & Archival Scanning

Documents from your offices, offsite storage facilities or from third party storage providers can be collected and digitised saving you time and money in recurring storage and retrieval costs.

Large Format Scanning
Large Format Scanning

Large documentation can be difficult to handle. Ascentas’ large format scanning services can remove the hassle of you having to manage large documentation. An Ascentas Scan Centre utilises the latest ColorTrac large format scanners and can scan up to 1200DPI in full colour.

What documents can we convert?

Area Plans
Building Development Documents
Architectural Drawings
Engineer Drawings
Mechanical Drawings
Technical and CAD Drawings


Once scanned these can be output to any format, including (but not limited to): TIFF,

Invoice Scanning
Invoice Scanning

Our service is simple: we scan your paper invoices, help you to index key accounting data and store it as searchable PDFs, on the cloud or via a document management system. Our flexible team caters to one-off jobs or regular monthly/yearly projects, helping you create an up-to-date electronic invoice archive. We’re also ISO 27001 and PCI accredited, so you can rest easy knowing your data is safe.

Online Document Management

For a complete document scanning and document management solution, Ascentas also offers a state of the art online ECM solution, Laserfiche, empowering your team with Workflow Automation, Handwriting Recognition, Artificial Intelligence and Secure Document Sharing.

Automated Invoice Data Extraction

Ascentas can identify and extract key fields from your invoices. Data such as invoice number, date, supplier name and amount can all be extracted and delivered back to you for use in your Account Payable solutions.

Photo Scanning
Photo Scanning

Are your precious family photographs fading away in your hot loft or being damaged in a damp store room or cellar? Are they stuffed into boxes in the back of a cupboard gathering dirt and dust, or worse being squashed? An Ascentas Scan Centre can save your irreplaceable photographs by having them professionally converted into a digital format making them available and secure for generations to come.


Our expert photo scanning team uses cutting edge equipment to produce the highest possible quality images - saving you time and money.


Our facility for processing photos is equipped with 24/7 CCTV. This is to ensure complete security and confidentiality. As well as this, we are accredited to ISO 27001, Cyber Security Essentials and PCI certification.

Featured Resource

Free Capture and Document Imaging eBook

Whether you have one hundred or one million documents to digitise, planning out the imaging process ahead of time is essential. The Guide to Improving Capture and Document Imaging Management will help you assess the benefits of going paperless in your organisation.

Let's Begin
A meticulous process expertly managed.

Our document imaging service uses standard options to convert your paper to digital images. You can quickly define the project scope, receive a detailed implementation schedule, and delivery plan so you have a clear understanding of your project from start to finish.

Document Capture

Working with an Ascentas representative, we will discuss all aspects of your scanning project in advance. Together we will complete the Scanning Project Form allowing collection of detailed requirements in order for us to accurately reflect the project scope, exact specifications and timing.

An Easy Process

Once your project has been reviewed and approved by our Scan Centre personnel, your Ascentas representative will confirm your project specifications, timelines and
pricing for you to review and sign.

Document Preparation

Prior to scanning, we prepare files by removing staples, paper clips, treasury tags and repositioning post-it notes ready for document conversion.


Upon arrival, files and documents are processed by our amazing prep team, removing any paperclips, staples, etc. Any damaged documents are also fixed at this stage to ensure a safe document conversion later down the process.

Document Separation

During the Document Preparation process, our Prep team will also separate your documents using barcode patch sheets. Patch Sheets will also include specific client information which will be used later down the document conversion process.

Scan More. Do More

An Ascentas Scan Centre operates with 100% Kodak Document Scanners and utilises the latest Kodak i5800 & i4500 scanners allowing us to scan millions of images per month.

Document Capture

Ascentas Kodak document scanners are equipped with ultra-sonic double-page-feed sensors, automated colour detection and image optimisation technology to ensure optimum scanned image quality.

From tiny receipts to A0 plans

Documents can be scanned in black and white, grayscale or in full colour and we can handle document sizes as small as a Credit Card right up to A0.

Quality Control
Rigorous quality control

We always strive to offer the best service we can. All our policies and procedures are backed by a full range of accreditations, which guarantee you that your records are with a safe pair of hands.


Rigorous quality control checks are applied throughout the Ascentas document scanning and capture processes. Quality checks in accordance with our in-house manual, and third-party audited EN BS ISO 27001 standards.

A vital ingredient of every document scanning project

Document indexing is the next step to ensure your information remains secure and accessible to you at all times.


Metadata is applied to enable structured filing, identification and retrieval of documents. Depending on how the original files & documents are stored & retrieved, we can use the same criteria to index documents into the required filing structure.

OCR & Index Validation

OCR (Optical Character Reignition) can be applied to enable content search and to convert scanned images to a text searchable PDF format. Double Entry Indexing is also carried out to ensure metadata is captured correctly.

Your Digital Transformation has begun.

Now that your documents are digital, they can be made easily accessible to anyone in your organisation.

Secure Delivery

Electronic documents are uploaded to Laserfiche Cloud, enabling flexible, remote access and effective document management. Alternatively, you can choose access via SFTP or an encrypted hard-drive.

Your Journey has just begun

For a complete enterprise content management solution, Ascentas can offer industry leading ECM solutions that bring Workflow Automation, Business Process Automation, Forms Processing, Records Retention and Secure Document Sharing to your organisation.

Confidential Destruction

Do not neglect the security aspect of looking after confidential data.

Document Destruction

At the end of the document conversion process your documents can either be returned to you or can be securely and confidentially destroyed accompanied with a certificate of destruction.


After destruction and where possible, waste material is baled and sent for recycling. Recycling our clients securely destroyed documents is our way of giving back to the world which we occupy.

Bring Information Together

Capture and store form information, and physical and electronic documents in a centralised location.

Control Your Content

Make sensitive information accessible and secure for the stakeholders who need it.

Reclaim Time and Reduce Costs

Cut the costs of content capture and processing by reducing manual filing and data entry actions.

Archive Email Correspondence

Import and archive emails, including attachments, with one click.

Capture Documents on the Go

Send photos of documents from your mobile device directly into Laserfiche and automatically make them full-text searchable.

Extract Valuable Information

Automatically extract information from documents as soon as they are scanned or imported into Laserfiche.

Expedite Form Submissions

Replace your paper forms with electronic forms to gather and securely store information with ease.

Schedule Document Imports

Prevent workday interruptions by scheduling the automatic import of electronic files from network drives and file shares.

Streamline High-Volume capture

Sort, categorise, apply OCR and text extraction for full-text searching and indexing on all your incoming documents.

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