The Laserfiche Cloud 2021.2 update, released on April 8, 2021, includes the following new features.

Watch an overview of the new features here:

Microsoft Teams Integration:

The Laserfiche integration with Microsoft Teams allows you to work with Laserfiche documents directly in Microsoft Teams. You can securely share files in chats and channels. You can also edit Laserfiche documents in Microsoft Teams, including applying annotations and metadata to documents. The Laserfiche integration with Microsoft Teams makes it easy to comply with regulatory mandates by letting you quickly store files shared in Teams to Laserfiche. You can even configure Laserfiche workflows to start when a Teams file is saved to a specific folder in your repository.

Process Automation

File Sets

With File Sets, you can configure a set of relevant files for process participants to submit or act on as part of a business process. This is useful in processes like new account opening where a specific set of files needs to be uploaded, reviewed or signed by an applicant.

Process Operational Dashboard

Accessible from the home dashboard view, use the Process Operational Dashboard to monitor a variety of process metrics in one summary view. This lets you keep track of active process and task statuses, such as in-progress, suspended, overdue and completed. Adjust views for larger sets using handles to narrow focus and look at details.

Expanded Administration Controls for Active Business Processes

Keep business processes running smoothly with actions to skip, retry and interrupt tasks, as well as the ability to modify in-progress variable values to correct mistyped or missing input data.

Data Caching for Third-Party App Connections

This release improves user experience with faster form load times when retrieving data from Salesforce and Dynamics 365. To improve performance, select Configure cache settings next to the object name when viewing an application connection’s objects and set a timespan for expiration of the cached data.

Account Administration

Just-in-Time User Provisioning

You can now simplify user licensing by allowing new users to automatically be created and assigned licenses upon first sign in.

User permissions group mapping

Streamline user administration by mapping SAML identity provider groups or Windows groups with groups defined in Laserfiche.