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Business Process Automation
Manage mission critical processes and eliminate spreadsheets, emails and repetitive tasks

What is Business Process Automation?

Process automation, also known as business process automation or business process management is the use of technology to automate routine tasks, such as data entry, routing information between parties, organising documents and more. This automation makes human lives easier by transforming time-consuming work into seamless processes that accelerate how work gets done.

Today’s automation platforms use innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to perform increasingly complicated tasks, such as capturing information directly from documents.

Streamline Processes

Standardise repetitive processes, increasing accuracy and facilitating training

Compliance Policies

Establish and enforce policies, mitigating the risk of process noncompliance

Reporting Tools

Measure success using configurable, easy-to-use reporting tools

Automate common business processes

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Accelerate Document Review and Approval

Simultaneous Review

Enable simultaneous review and approval by routing documents or electronic forms to multiple users

Reassign Tasks

Easily reassign tasks if someone is out of the office.

Increase Transparency

Easy to use Reports

Use configurable, easy-to-use reports to measure process success.


Evaluate employee workloads using dashboards and visualisations.

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Stay Involved While On the Go

Mobile Devices

Eliminate process bottlenecks by using your iOS, Android or Windows device to review, approve and sign documents

Reduce Duplicate Data

Reduce duplicate data entry by submitting electronic forms while out in the field

Keep Work Moving Smoothly

Automatic Notifications

Ensure tasks are completed on time with automatic recurring notification emails

Escalate Tasks

Easily escalate tasks to a manager if they aren’t completed within a specific timeframe

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The Process Automation Buyer's Guide

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