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Connect Your Systems. Transform Your Business.

Connect your Systems. Transform your Business

Bridge the boundaries across people, content, processes and data with flexible integration tools, so accurate information consistently appears across the enterprise at the right place and at the right time.  Connect legacy systems or migrate data from expired systems into one central repository.

Connect Apps Code-Free

Accelerate time to market and simplify development efforts with native integrations with common apps such as Microsoft 365 and industry-leading CRMs.

Integrate Your Way

Tailor custom solutions and further extend the Laserfiche platform to meet specific business needs with custom scripting, web services, APIs and more.

End-To-End Solutions

Complete last mile transformation efforts by integrating with legacy systems or third-party sites that lack traditional integration approaches, using code-free robotic process automation tools.

Develop Your Own Custom Integrations

Better orchestrate enterprise operations across your organisation’s tech stack using the Laserfiche API.

More flexibly design custom integrations using RESTful web APIs that allow developers to write code with industry-standard languages.


Keep enterprise apps synced with Laserfiche content to maintain accurate and reliable data across platforms.


Accelerate development with immediate access to API reference materials, how-to guides and more.



Agility & Scalability

Deploy an array of computing solutions with cloud servers powered by Microsoft Azure.  Rapidly spin up one or hundreds of Windows or Linux virtual machines and pay by the minute based on your exact usage. 

Built with Security and Compliance

Work in confidence knowing that your data is protected in Microsoft’s highly secure data centres.  Meeting regulatory compliance requirements.

Windows & Linux Technologies
Select operating systems from an extensive range of Windows and Linux distributions including Windows Server, CentOS, SUSE, Ubuntu and more.
Premium Storage
Scale up to 64,000 IOPS and 32TB of storage per cloud server with low-latency, high performance, premium storage options.
Hybrid Configurations
Securely connect your current network to the cloud using a secure internet based VPN.
Expert Support
First-class support to maximize application uptime, accelerate development and lower costs.
Centralise and Secure Content

Store, collaborate and govern content across the enterprise with the Microsoft 365 integration, including the Office suite and Teams.

Perform Database Lookups

Remotely connect to data stored locally on-premises from the cloud to push and pull data to populate metadata, forms, workflows and more.

View Content basd on Location

Organize all documents on a map with an integration with ESRI or other geographic information systems.

Sync your CRM and Content

Automatically transfer data between Laserfiche and industry-leading CRMs including Salesforce, Dynamics 365 and Redtail using pre-built, no-code connections.

Quickly Connect to MFDs

Simplify digitising of documents by easily connecting Laserfiche with popular multi-function devices from Ricoh, Samsung and more.

Accelorate Signature Requests

Streamline agreement processes by automatically sending documents for digital signatures using DocuSign.

How we help our clients

With hundreds of successful migrations, Ascentas has a proven approach to help you migrate, modernise, and digitally transform your business.

SQL Migration

Add stamps, sticky notes, textboxes, highlights and more, to documents

Project Planning

Increase transparency by making vital information easily accessible through a public portal

AD Migration

Redact selected document text to keep it secure from unauthorised viewers

Remote Working

Gain peace of mind knowing you can restrict access to documents, information

Microsoft 365 Migration

Track and audit every single action on documents and folders throughout your organisation

24/7 IT Support

Track, display and compare multiple version of the same document in one place

White Paper

5 Strategies for driving Digital Transformation in your organisation.