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Laserfiche Quick Fields

Documents are either scanned or imported into the Laserfiche Quick Fields interface. The user specifies the criteria that will be used to process the documents and how they will be automatically classified, organised, and annotated, as well as how information from the documents will be isolated, extracted, imported from outside databases, and populated into the documents’ searchable data record and template fields, as well as other functions.

What else can it do?

Laserfiche Quick Fields features a number of automated processing functions to prepare documents for their active or final disposition in Laserfiche. The processing function categories are:

Image Processing & Enhancement

Laserfiche Quick Fields can Remove extra pages such as blanks or slip-sheets. Additionally, it can clean up imaged documents for legibility and to improve the results of optical character recognition (OCR) with tools such as deskew, despeckle, line or border removal, resize, rotate, image crop, colour smoothing, or invert. Laserfiche Quick Fields works with forms, aligning an image with an empty form or removing form structure while leaving the form data if desirable for aesthetic or prudent for further processing.


Laserfiche Quick Fields can look for unique identifiers on documents to determine their class (i.e. insurance form, job application, etc). Classification’s most basic function is to identify the document type so it can be automatically routed to a specific folder in the Laserfiche repository folder structure. Classification can also be used to kick off other Laserfiche Quick Fields functions, such as annotation and zone OCR, because once a document is classified the system knows what functions to apply.

Barcode Recognition

Laserfiche Quick Fields is pre-programmed to isolate, recognise and extract data from every major barcode type. Barcode data can be imported into one of a document’s template fields, used to lookup an outside database to import additional document metadata or validate a document, used to classify a document, used to route a document to a specific folder in Laserfiche, or all of the above.

Database Lookup

Laserfiche Quick Fields can use metadata derived from documents to query outside databases to verify a document’s validity, import additional document metadata, route a document to a specific folder in Laserfiche, or all of the above.


Laserfiche Quick Fields can read and record all text on documents using this process of optical character recognition (OCR). Once an OCR has been performed, any of a document’s text record can be searched on once it reaches the Laserfiche repository.

Zone OCR

Once Laserfiche Quick Fields has classified a document, it can look at specific areas of a document to extract specific pieces of text. This text can be imported to one of the document’s template fields, used to perform a database lookup, used to route a document to a specific folder in Laserfiche, or all of the above.


Laserfiche Quick Fields can automatically apply annotations (sticky notes, redactions, highlights, etc) to documents.

What are its benefits?

Laserfiche Quick Fields emulates many of the labour intensive processes that employees perform on documents, saving organisations countless man hours and freeing staff for other projects. Additionally, automating these processes mitigates the risk associated with manual data entry, as well as the risk of doing business without all of the information you need.

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