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Content Capture and Imaging

Capturing information and documentation is an ever increasing challenge for organisations today. Paper based inbound documentation continues to increase despite our adoption of technology.  Ascentas can help you with comprehensive back scanning projects and the ongoing management and conversion of paper based records. However, Ascentas also understands the need for comprehensive management of documents which arrive in your organisation in many different forms from online forms, emails, attachments and physical.

By introducing automated scanning capture software, deploying mobile applications and utilising electronic forms, your organisation can eliminate a lot of these headaches.

Distributed Capture – Centralised Storage

  • Scan paper documents from multiple locations and store them in a centralised repository.
  • Save documents directly from Microsoft Office applications and import emails —including attachments—with one click.


Capture Documents on the Go

  • Eliminate manual file transfers by sending photos from your mobile device directly to the repository.
  • Automatically assign identification information to your files.
  • Content captured on mobile devices is full-text searchable.

Capture OnTheGo

Reclaim Time Spent Filing

  • Automatically extract information from documents as soon as they are scanned or imported into the repository.
  • Instantly sort, name, route and file those incoming documents based on the information contained within them.


Expedite Form Submissions

  • Replace multiple paper forms with one dynamic electronic form by displaying different questions based on previous responses.
  • Reduce manual data entry by pre-populating certain form information from an external database


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