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The Scanning Process

The Document Scanning Process

Ascentas always work with your business interests at the forefront of any decision relating to ongoing records management and processes and will never suggest a solution which wasn’t 100% suited to your organisation. When it comes to Digital Conversion and Digital Records Management, there is no change.

From a tiny receipt to large format full-colour A0 documents, an Ascentas Scan centre can convert any document into a digital format for you. The document scanning process begins with you. A member of Ascentas will contact you to discuss your scanning requirements, your chosen delivery method/service and your required metadata for indexing.

The Scanning ProcessTRANS(large)

The technology in an Ascentas Scan Centre is capable of scanning well over 400 images per minute, automatically recognising colour images and producing high-quality digital images every time. This technology provides exclusive paper feeding, easily handling documents of different sizes, weights and types to deliver high document scanning productivity.

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