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Human Resources Scanning

Put the Human back in to Human Resources

Human Resources (HR), along with many other departments, depends on document-driven processes to get work done. Manually processing payroll, employee records and expense claims takes time away from strategic goals of talent recruitment and employee engagement. Recent studies show that HR managers believe they could contribute even more if they could free themselves of manual tasks, including those surrounding records management, employee onboarding, payroll and benefits administration, and more.

Reduce the manual tedium of administrative processes with PaperfortTM Workflow Automation powered by Laserfiche. This automated solution allows you to:

* Store your employee records in a centralised location and share them with authorised users anywhere, at any time
* Monitor your processes and gain powerful insights.
* Reduce data entry errors and lost or misplaced files associated with a manual process.
* Better support your organisational growth through effective hiring and leaner operational costs.
* Reduce risk of non-compliance penalties

An Ascentas Scan Centre operates with 100% Kodak Document Scanners and utilises the latest Kodak i5800 & i4500 scanners allowing us to scan millions of images per month. This is ideal for high volumes scanning such as invoices and digital mail room scanning.

We index each document which has been scanned through our centre to your exact index requirements. From one index field/file name to multiple fields. Barcode recognition, zonal OCR and database lookup can ensure data integrity at the index stage.

For further details on how Ascentas can help you reduce the cost of invoice and accounts management, contact one of our team today on 0800 075 2625

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