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Why Azure?

With 50 Azure regions worldwide and more than one million servers in over 140 countries, Microsoft’s cloud platform reaches more customers than AWS (Amazon Cloud) and Google combined.  UK based customers using Azure can be safe in the knowledge that their data is stored in UK datacentres that are ISO 27001, HIPAA and UK G-Cloud compliant and it is this reason that Ascentas Group house all their customer data and host their Scan Centre infrastructure in Azure, and you can too!

While large business are benefitting from the trusted cloud platform, smaller business can find it difficult to navigate.  This is where Ascentas can help.  Think of Azure as a very large room with many interconnecting doors.  Each door represents a separate function within Azure and it’s your choice whether you want to go through it.  Understanding the basics is your first step to utilising the massive opportunities Azure represents.

Move Faster, Achieve More and Save Money

Easy To Scale

A new marketing campaign takes off or a social media post goes viral and you see a sudden influx of traffic to your website.  As a result of this sudden spike in enquires, your website crashes.  With Azure, it’s easy to generate more power to cope with user demand by utilising the virtual platform.  It’s smart enough to find patterns in usage too, and will keep track of the traffic associated with your website so it can adjust faster to meet your needs.

Great for Backup & Disaster Recovery 

SMBs can implement a disaster recovery solution quite easily by using Azure Site Recovery.  It replicates workloads running on physical servers and VMs from a primary site to a secondary location, so, should an outage occur, you will be transferred to the fail-over site.  On-premises servers, VMs, SQL servers and SharePoint servers can also be backed up by Azure.  Your data will be placed inside the Recovery Service vault, which is integrated into the settings menu for easy access, and backup policies can be configured t schedule how often and the exact time backups should be taken.

Secure Identity Management

If you are already using Office 365, Azure Active Directory (AD) is built in natively.  It provides a much easier way for end users to access thousands of cloud-based apps with single sign-on (SSO) as their login details remain the same everywhere they go.  Not only does it increase company security, Azure AD identifies users based on their activity, so IT admins can pinpoint anything suspicious without hesitation, and set permissions based on centralised policies.

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