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What is metadata?

Metadata (aka index keywords) is the data an Ascentas Index operative captures from your documents after or during the scanning process. After document prepping, data capture is one of the most important parts of the document conversion process. Typically, before scanning commences, an Ascentas conversion specialist will meet with you and discuss your exact requirements and work with you and your team to ensure that all the necessary data is captured. This can be used to generate specific folder structures which can complement in-house document filing procedures. Once we identify the right mix of metadata that will help to serve as unique identifiers. Metadata indexing examples include:

  • Invoice, PO, waybill, and work order number
  • Employee name, employee number and NI number
  • Student name, ID, school
  • Patient name, doctor and NHS number
  • Date
  • Site ID
  • Client reference number, client name
  • Any other unique identifier

To ensure that accuracy throughout the index process, an Ascentas Scan Centre utilises cutting edge technology and software to ensure high levels of accuracy. Intelligent features such as exception checking, advanced indexing, and expert extraction get information into your business processes faster. Intelligent Barcode Reading produces the most accurate data extraction results. Flexible mark detection accurately detects marks in scanned forms and populates the corresponding index fields with results.

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