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Content Capture and Imaging
Whether you are dealing with paper or digital files, with Laserfiche, content management has never been easier

Digitise Your Organisation

The volume of paper documents that organisations must process has increased tenfold in the last five years. Increasing paper volume drives the cost of paper handling higher, which greatly reduces profit margins.

More than 80% of business information is locked away in unstructured content:  paper documents, office files, forms,  faxes, PDFs, emails, pictures, videos, and much more. 

Scanning, also known as document imaging, can help you deal with the rapidly increasing burden of maintaining your organisation’s paper archives.

Scanning allows you to convert paper documents into electronic images that can be accessed by computer, making it easier to:

  • Manage millions of documents and retrieve the right one in seconds
  • Share documents with colleagues while protecting confidential information
  • Access documents while traveling
  • Protect documents from damage during fires, floods and other disasters

Bring Information Together

Capture physical and electronic documents efficiently and cost-effectively

Control Your Content

Make information available, easy to navigate and easy to secure on any device

Reclaim Time

Cut the costs of content capture and processing by reducing manual processes

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Content Management

Digitally capture, secure and organise content across the enterprise, including documents, images, videos and more.

Document Management

Organise all your organisation’s information so you make faster, better business decisions.


Control all your paper, digital and mobile content with state-of-the-art Laserfiche tools.

Distributed Capture – Centralised Storage


Scan paper documents from multiple locations and store them in a centralised repository.

One Click

Save documents directly from Microsoft Office applications and import emails —including attachments—with one click.

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Capture Documents on the Go


Eliminate manual file transfers by sending photos from your mobile device directly to the repository.

Auto Assign

Automatically assign identification information to your files.


Content captured on mobile devices is full-text searchable.

Reclaim Time Spent Filing

Auto OCR

Automatically extract information from documents as soon as they are scanned or imported into the repository.


Instantly sort, name, route and file those incoming documents based on the information contained within them.

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Accelerate Form Submissions


Replace multiple paper forms with one dynamic electronic form by displaying different questions based on previous responses.

One Click

Reduce manual data entry by pre-populating certain form information from an external database.

Recover time spent importing, processing and indexing documents

No Internet? No Problem

Laserfiche automatically syncs changes made to documents and forms when you’re next connected to the network

Eliminate manual data entry

Information can be captured from databases or line-of-business applications and applied to documents as metadata

Streamline high-volume capture

Sort, categorise, apply OCR and text extraction for full text searching and indexing on all your incoming documents

Schedule document imports

Prevent work day interruptions by scheduling the automatic import of electronic files from network drives and file shares

Kick off review and approval

Individuals are immediately alerted to important information to take action on

Make batch scanning easy

Scanner operators have their own dedicated, intuitive user interface that facilitates easy processing of incoming documents

Ascentas has a proven approach to help you migrate , modernise and digitally transform your business. Start your journey today!

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