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SEN Settings & Schools
Protect the most vulnerable and modernise information management in SEN Settings & Schools

Modernise information management

SEN settings & schools are always looking for ways to run more efficiently and meet their budgetary needs. Managing Subject Access Requests and improving records retention and records access adds extra strain on departments.

Ascentas has become the trusted partner to help manage these requirements. Our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions have a wide variety of features for finding, sorting and archiving pupil records, dealing with Subject Access Requests, HR records, policy documents and much more in a paper-lite, or even paper free, school environment.

Digital Transformation

Protect the most vulnerable and modernise information management

Content Management

With content that is required to be stored for more than 75 years, digitally capture, secure and organise content within your setting, including documents, images, videos and more.

Document Management

Organise all your settings’ information so you make faster and better decisions.

Records Management

Establish guidelines for organising your documents to ensure compliance with Subject Access Requests and other regulatory bodies.

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Metadata Manager

Simplify Records Management

Manage the Document Lifecycle

Easily manage the lifecycle of documents and get notified when documents are ready for disposition


Auto-file newly created records according to industry regulations and corporate policies.


Support e-discovery, subject access requests and data retention policies.

Safeguard Electronic Records

Certified Records Management

Protect records with DoD 5015.2 version 3-certified electronic records management, a widely accepted government standard

Long Term Storage

Ensure long-term data preservation with a standard format that meets Victorian Electronic Record Strategy (VERS) V2 requirements

Record Manager
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Accelerate Review and Approval

Eliminate Admin Tasks

Eliminate administrative tasks like manually routing information, filling out forms and following up on approvals

Automate Routing

Streamline form processing and review with automated routing and notifications

Simultaneous Review

Enable simultaneous review and approval by routing electronic forms to multiple users

Ascentas has a proven approach to help you migrate, modernise and digitally transform your business. Start your journey today!

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