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Logistics & Transportation
Reduce liability, simplify document submittal and automate workflows

Drive efficiencies and reduce processing costs

The documents you create on a daily basis are the lifeblood of your business and, more importantly, global supply chains. Reducing the need for dedicated staff to manually enter the data from these documents, such as freight invoices, bills of lading and commercial invoices, into your existing systems helps ensure shipments arrive on time and help avoid costly compliance issues.

Digital Transformation

Reduce liability, simplify document submittal and automate workflows

laserfiche webacess screen

Content Management

Digitally capture, secure and organise content across the enterprise, including documents, images, videos and more.

Document Management

From Bills of Lading to Freight Invoices and Contracts, organise all your organisation’s information so you make faster, better business decisions.


Control all your paper, digital and mobile content with state-of-the-art Laserfiche capture tools.

Optimise Automation Across the Enterprise

Code Free

Easily build and scale automations code-free by recording manual tasks across the screens of third-party applications.

Legacy Systems

Unlock more value from legacy systems by integrating with systems that lack APIs.

AI Bots

Workflow bots offer a no-code solution to automating repeatable clicks and data entry actions across your applications

LF ECM Manual Task Automation

Focus on More Productive Work


Instantly update line-of-business applications with information captured from the screens of third-party websites, spreadsheets, documents or other applications.

Workflow Bots

Regain time for more strategic initiatives by using workflow bots to offload manual, repetitive actions, such as copying and pasting data.

Simplify Records Management

Manage the Document Lifecycle

Easily manage the lifecycle of documents and get notified when documents are ready for disposition


Auto-file newly created records according to industry regulations and corporate policies.


Support e-discovery, subject access requests and data retention policies.

Metadata Manager
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