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Digital Transformation Solutions
Ascentas is the trusted industry partner for driving efficiency and transformation

Solutions by Industry

Ascentas have been providing Digital Transformation Solutions to organisations that help power innovation and drive Digital Transformation for over 30 years.  Reducing overheads, automating manual processes, saving time, protecting information and assisting companies along their Digital Transformation journey is what we do and what we are so proud of.

Investing in a content services platform will help your company eliminate paper, optimise costs and power innovation.

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From private healthcare organisations to NHS Trusts and CCGs, Ascentas has been providing digital transformation solutions to the healthcare industry for over 30 years.

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SEN Settings

Increase efficiency and reduce operational costs with electronic forms, process automation, and records management solutions used by leading schools and SEN settings.

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SMB’s face the same challenges as enterprises, however, most don’t have the luxury of large IT teams and many have apprehensions about costs. Let Ascentas reassure and support you on your journey.

Secure your supply chain data and derive insights to create new business models through data analytics and business processes.

Increase efficiency and reduce operational costs with electronic forms, process automation, and records management solutions.

Your documents in order and digital processes in place, you can focus on delivering a superb service to your clients.

Our solutions enable you to instantly capture, identify and digitise transportation and trade documents in any form from anywhere.

No matter who your customers are, our ECM and Digital Transformation solutions enable you to serve them better.

Support caseworkers and families with industry leading records management and workflow solutions.

Address legal and compliance issues, manage information, optimise processes and minimize cost and risk with our solutions.

Simplify digital data capture and streamline claims processing and insurance policy underwriting.

Solutions by Department

You handle the business. Ascentas will handle the process. We will help you manage your mission-critical processes and assist you on your Digital Transformation journey.

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Accounting & Finance

Quickly and easily capture invoice data with machine learning, demonstrate regulatory compliance and accelerate AP and AR processing with our digital transformation solutions.

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Case Management

Keep case workers in the field and out of the filing cabinets with anytime access to client files, business process automation and service request forms that integrate with your existing systems.

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Human Resources

Provide instant access to employee files, automate all stages of recruitment and onboarding, eliminate manual follow-ups and Integrate with existing HR applications.

Optimise contract lifecycle management from request to approval with our digital transformation solutions.

Access pre-sales product information, reviews and analysis securely and remotely with our solutions 

Ascentas has a proven approach to help you migrate , modernise and digitally transform your business. Start your journey today!

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